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Why R-Link!

Earn Digital Rewards Every Time You Join A Video Call!

Blockchain Has Finally Come To Video Conferencing!

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R-Link is the first blockchain-based video conferencing software ever, and it's going global! Both presenters and participants receive Digital Rewards for using the App. These Rewards can add up and be very valuable. R-Link is coming soon to all communities worldwide. Join today!

● Sign up and Register, it's Free and easy to Join. Click here now!

● Spell your email correctly when you join.

● Keep track of your info: Email, Password, and Share Link.

● After joining, look over your back office/dashboard and familiarize yourself. Click on all the Tabs. Take a few Blockchain Classes, and get rewarded. Watch the Project Video Explainers. Download some promotional materials. There are some in Spanish as well.

● Share your Share Link with everyone you know.

● Ask me for the Next Steps to Success...

email me: [email protected]